Mamba Cup
October 19-20


8th Gold GirlsWLWinning %Total Games Played
Tree of Hope501.005
Team Mamba410.805
Obsesed Basketball320.605
GBL 8th320.605
SGV 8220.504
Cal Storm Black220.504
West Coast Premier220.504
Makers Elite 8th040.004
Doxa Basketball040.004
8th Silver GirlsWLWinning %Total Games Played
Bulldawgs Basketball Club401.004
Lady Mavericks310.754
Cal Storm Gray220.504
Elite Force 8th Girls130.254
SoCal BC040.004
7th Gold GirlsWLWinning %Total Games Played
Tree of Hope401.004
Cal Storm 13U310.754
805 Lady Mustangs Gold120.333
GBL 7th120.333
Lady Cavs120.333
A Game Basketball Girls 7/8030.003
6th GirlsWLWinning %Total Games Played
Makers Elite 6th401.004
Elite Force 6th Girls210.673
SGV 6210.673
805 Lady Mustangs Black120.333
Lady Cavs120.333
A Game Basketball Girls 6030.003
5th GirlsWLWinning %Total Games Played
SGV 5401.004
Cal Storm 11u310.754
A Game Basketball Girls 5220.504
A Game Basketball Girls 4040.004
8th Gold BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
Team Superstar401.004
CVBC 14u Grey310.754
West Coast Hurricanes220.504
G1 Elite 14 Red130.254
8th Silver BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
A Game Basketball Boys 8 Black210.673
3 Ball 14U220.504
G1 Elite 14 Blue120.333
CVBC 14u Orange120.333
Creators 14u030.003
8th Bronze BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
Whitter NJB401.004
Rage Elite 8210.673
G1 Elite 14 White220.504
A Game Basketball Boys 8 White120.333
CVBC 14u White120.333
7th Gold BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
OneVision 13U National401.004
CVBC 13u Grey310.754
Elite Force 7th220.504
Wood Hopperz130.254
3 Ball 13U040.004
7th Silver BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
OneVision 13U Red401.004
Vikingos Mexicali210.673
G1 Elite 13 Red220.504
Socal Spartans120.333
CVBC 13u Orange030.003
7th Bronze BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
Mavericks Legacy301.003
A Game Basketball Boys 7220.504
Valencia Vanguard030.003
6th Gold BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
OneVision Black401.004
Born 2 Ball310.754
CVBC 12u Grey220.504
Team Dena130.254
Vikingos Mexicali040.004
6th Bronze BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
Rage Elite 6401.004
G1 Elite 12 White310.754
Creators 12u220.504
A Game Basketball Boys 6130.254
CVBC 12u Orange040.004
5th Gold BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
City BALLERS Athletics401.004
Elite Force 5th220.504
Desert Storm120.333
G1 Elite 11 Blue030.003
5th Bronze BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
Santa Barbara Magic310.754
CVBC 11u210.673
4th Gold BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
House of Handlez401.004
HoopisLife Loyalty 4220.504
Elite Force 4th220.504
G1 Elite 10 Red120.333
Vikingos Mexicali030.003
4th Silver BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
G1 Elite 10 Blue310.754
CVBC 10u Grey420.676
G1 Elite 10 White120.333
Mavericks Legacy120.333
SCV Playmakers120.333
CVBC 10u Orange030.003
3rd BoysWLWinning %Total Games Played
HoopisLife Loyalty Nationals301.003
Creators 9u220.504
G1 Elite 8 Red030.003